Claustra Alpium Iuliarum

is a Late Roman barrier system, which guarded the crossings to Italy between the 3rd and 5th centuries. The stone walls, which were in some places positioned in several lines, were supplemented by towers, fortlets and forts. The mighty system stretched from today's Rijeka in Croatia to the Bača Ravine (Baška grapa) in Slovenia.

Defense Towers
Forts and fortlets
On Roman Trails from Ad Pirum to Emona

Be prepared to travel around the country to various castles and camps and basically follow the trail of multiple medieval crusades. It can be interesting not just for adults, but also for children. However, fight participants must be eighteen and older.

A new 3D reconstruction – Ajdovski zid

A new 3D reconstruction of the Ajdovski zid (“Ajdovski wall”) above Vrhnika can be seen on the YouTube Channel of the project Claustra+. It is is the longest known section of the Late Roman claustra…

Archaeological park Ad Pirum

Visit the enchanting archaeological park Ad Pirum! Take a walk along the stone walls of the fort and the barrier walls or visit the museum exhibition in the Stara pošta Inn. Find out more about…

Osupljivo odkritje novega odseka zidu

Ajdovski zid nad Vrhniko velja za najdaljši znan odsek v obrambnem sistemu CLAUSTRA ALPIUM IULIARUM in meri 6,5 km, s prekinitvami pa več kot 10 km. Glede na zemljevid Alfonza Müllnerja iz konca 19. st.…

Soldiers guard the fort in colourful Late Roman combat equipment. Take a walk through our gallery and experience the past!